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Why Today’s Workforce Wants Fertility Benefits—And Why It Matters

by Famlee Fertility | February 21, 2021

There has been a recent trend away from “traditional” health care benefits—and an influx of demand for fertility benefits—to be provided in the workplace. Due to its prohibitive costs and relatively low success rates, women are looking for financial support and fertility coverage to offset these costs. While employers may be apprehensive to provide fertility benefits, there is another option for employers who want to offer more benefits without shattering their bottom line. Hormone balancing and whole-body health is an effective alternative, that when partnered with Famlee allows employers to offer these benefits at an affordable price.

Why Employee Benefits Should Include Fertility Treatments

More job seekers consider fertility-related healthcare benefits a necessity when looking for a new place of employment. Approximately 4 out of 5 companies currently do not offer fertility benefits, making those that do highly sought after.

According to Statista, the infertility rate in the United States in 2020 is at its second-highest point in roughly 200 years. While 2021 has already seen an 11% decrease in fertility, we could mitigate this decline by making fertility treatment options more accessible. One way to achieve this is by offering fertility benefits to your employees.

Why Not IVF?

IVF (in vitro fertilization) involves fertilizing an egg in a laboratory dish or test tube before artificially implanting it into the uterus. 

The IVF process sounds straightforward, but it’s anything but. Prohibitive costs (approximately $15K per cycle) aside IVF is an invasive process that sends women on a roller coaster, physically and mentally. Embryos often fail to implant or thrive, and if the clinic doesn’t address the underlying cause, the process can lead to years of distress and suffering for the woman trying to conceive. IVF has a long list of side effects for both mother and child, including cancer, birth defects, premature birth, unused and discarded embryos, and miscarriage. Ultimately, most women require upwards of 3 cycles of IVF.

Alternative Treatments

Some women may continue to seek out IVF because it is widely publicized as a fail-safe option, and they haven’t heard of other effective options. Hormonal treatments, medications, lifestyle and dietary changes, and surgery (if needed) are options to correct fertility issues that don’t include IVF. Famlee offers personalized fertility kits and proven fertility protocols to ensure our patients have the best tools and whole-body clarity to conceive. 

Should I Include Fertility Treatments in My Company’s Healthcare Benefits?

In 2021, nearly half of the US workforce is female. According to the CDC, women face different workplace hazards than men, including reproductive health risks.

Though a pregnant woman can be exposed to low levels of chemicals and other substances that may not be harmful to an adult, it could be disproportionately harmful to her baby. Because workplace hazards affect women’s health differently, workplace benefits should begin to address these differences adequately. Additionally, the stress of trying to conceive can create unnecessary mental health issues, which aside from being harmful to the woman herself, can cause decreased productivity in the workplace.

How Can Famlee Help?

Famlee is the most affordable provider of fertility-related healthcare for women that want an alternative to IVF—and is 100% FSA/ HSA approved. With both women’s hormonal health and men’s sperm health protocols, fertility telehealth, and custom action plans, Famlee is putting women back in the driver’s seat of their fertility—without spending tens of thousands of dollars or suffering through months of IVF prep and setbacks. Whether you’re a CEO who values fertility benefits for your employees or simply a woman on a mission to start or grow her family, we’re with you every step of the way. Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to find out if the Famlee Fertility Kit is right for you.