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Flexible, affordable fertility benefits for every company

Step-therapy to IVF or stand alone benefit


Why Every Company
Wants Famlee:


There’s no fertility service on the market that combines fertility telehealth, at-home lab testing, and medications delivered to home for women trying to conceive.


Famlee is an easy and cost-effective way to provide solutions to your employees or clients.


Customizable per-member-per-month price or utilization structure.

What we offer

Many fertility companies only work with employers with less than 1,000 employees. Famlee has a solution for every company.

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Flexible PEPM price structure or utilization based price options
Built-In fertility telehealth that’s convenient for every employee’s schedule
Famlee fertility clinical treatment plans customized to each woman’s specific needs
Rx medications and supplements delivery to the front door
A mobile app that connects and guides you through the fertility journey
Referral to IVF if we identify that immediate ART intervention is necessary
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