White-glove fertility treatment without the white-glove price

Affordable employee fertility benefits before considering IVF
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A new way of employee
fertility care.

Customized to fit your team

Flexible PEPM Price Structure or Utilization Based Price Options

Built-In fertility telehealth

50-state fertility telehealth and treatment

Customized Treatment Plans

Clinical treatment plans with prescription medication at-home delivery

Whole Body Fertility Approach

The only company with at-home testing and treatment to identify and balance the 13 hormones most crucial to optimize fertility and whole body health

The Numbers Speak For Themselves…

Over 60% of women say they
would choose a company with fertility benefits over one that didn’t.

85% of women say they would be willing to change jobs for a fertility-friendly employer.

Average cost of trying to conceive for a couple is between $60-65,000.
Average US household income is $68,000—the math is simple.

35-40% of fertility
complications can often be
solved with hormonal corrections

15%-45% of women experience an increase of depression, anxiety and stress while dealing with infertility

8%-28% of infertile couples
reporting clinically significant anxiety

1 in 8

1 of 8 of your employees will struggle with fertility issues.

18 States

18 states now require
employers to provide
fertility benefits.


Hormone testing and solutions
with Famlee are over 9X more cost effective
than IVF and other traditional fertility benefits.