I’m confused about how to use the kit. Can you walk me through the process?

Absolutely! We know the journey to fertility can be confusing, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. A detailed step-by-step tutorial can be found HERE. You can also view an instructional video HERE. If anything still isn’t clear, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Do I have to order the kit to download the app?

No. The kit will give you invaluable insights into the hormonal imbalances that could be impeding pregnancy, and is highly recommended, but the app is still a very useful tool on its own to track your cycle. Download the app here.

Can I purchase the Famlee Fertility Kit as a gift?

You sure can! At checkout, simply select the “Is this a Gift?” box and enter the name, email address, mailing address, and birthdate of the recipient you’d like to gift a kit to. We’ll take care of the rest

Do I have to download the app?

You must download the app. The app will allow you to insert your health history, menstrual information, and results from ovulation predictor strips to accurately predict your cycle. It is also how we remind you of the right days for lab tests, schedule your telehealth, give you fertility tips, AND how you can keep track of your medications and supplements. Download the app here.

I purchased the Famlee Fertility Kit and the Medical Requisition Form asks me to provide payment, what should I do?

Do not provide additional payment to the Famlee lab partner. Leave this section blank or cross it out.

I need more information. Can I talk to a provider before I commit?

Yes! We know it’s an important investment in your future family, and we want to ensure that you feel confident in your decision to partner with Famlee to balance your body for baby. You can schedule a complimentary 15-minute appointment with a member of our Famlee team here.

I don’t want a “cookie-cutter” fertility solution. Is Famlee personalized for me?

Yes! At-home hormone testing with a personalized touch is what differentiates us. During your telehealth visit, you’ll discuss your specific labs and results with a board-certified medical provider who will provide customized feedback and prescriptions and supplements based on your specific health and fertility needs.

How long after I order the Famlee Fertility Kit will it arrive?

Standard shipping (FREE) typically takes between 5-7 days. Orders received by 2PM CST will be fulfilled by 5PM CST same day, Monday through Friday. Should you want the Famlee Fertility Kit sooner, we do provide a 2-day option with rush fee.

I changed my mind about the Famlee Fertility Kit. Can I request a refund?

If you haven’t submitted your lab specimen to the laboratory, you can cancel your Famlee Fertility purchase by emailing Famlee charges a restocking fee of $75 for canceled orders that the laboratory hasn’t processed. Any cancellations need to be requested within 90 days of the date of purchase; cancellations after 90 days from receipt of purchase will not be approved. If you’ve already submitted your lab specimen to the laboratory, your order is non-refundable. However, we encourage you to move forward with your personalized telehealth appointment to gain valuable insights that can help improve ovulation, hormone balance, and fertility.

What labs are included in the kit?

Selected labs include estradiol (E2), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), progesterone (Pg), testosterone (T), free triiodothyronine (fT3), free thyroxine (fT4), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOab), dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DheaS), Vitamin D (Vit D), glycosylated hemoglobin (A1c) and fasting insulin. More information on the specific hormones included in the kit can be found here.

I’m worried that seeing my labs will make it real. What advice can you share?

Knowledge is power! Seeing the lab results enables you to understand your body so you can take corrective action as needed. You are worth it—and so is your future family. At Famlee, we promise to never leave you hanging. We’ll also be boldly honest if we see something in your results that changes the trajectory of your health and fertility journey.

How do I determine when to do my progesterone test?

If you typically have a 28-day cycle, we recommend completing the progesterone test on cycle Day 21. If your cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days, we advise completing the blood draw seven days before you expect your next period or seven days after a positive (+) ovulation predictor kit (OPK). For example, with a 24-day cycle, take your progesterone test on cycle day 17. If you have a 31-day cycle, take your progesterone test on cycle day 24. If you get a positive (+) OPK on cycle day 12, take the progesterone test on cycle day 19. If you get a positive (+) OPK on cycle day 20, take a progesterone test on cycle day 27. But remember, it’s important to track your menstrual cycle and OPK results in the Famlee mobile app – it’s your digitized guide to the lab-testing journey. Download that for FREE here.

When will my labs be ready?

Results are processed within 4-6 days AFTER the lab has received the results by mail. Remember, you must wait to finish your progesterone lab (approximately day 21 of your menstrual cycle) before sending in the results to the lab. Because we aim to support you every step of the way, we will notify you when the labs are ready so you can schedule your telehealth call to discuss the results WITH a doctor, rather than deciphering them on your own.

Does Famlee Fertility Kit test for AMH?

If we determine through our initial lab results that you need to be tested for AMH, we absolutely do provide it.

I’ve had these labs done before. What would be the benefit of doing them again?

At Famlee, we’re committed to saving you time and money while providing peace of mind. So while you may have completed some of these labs in the past, hormone levels can change dramatically during your fertile years. For this reason, we recommend lab work every year for women ages 18-35, every six months for women ages 35-39, and every three months for women ages 40 and older. It’s also important to know when during your menstrual cycle you took these labs. At Famlee, we have a specific day of your cycle that we want you to take these labs on to help ensure accurate results.

How do I determine cycle day 2/3?

Cycle Day 1 is the first day of your period. We encourage you to read the instructions within the kit carefully, as all of the labs but one should be completed on cycle day two or three (whichever of the two days you prefer). But don’t worry, our app (that you can download for FREE here) will help remind you as long as you track your cycle inside the app.

Will this process tell me when I’m ovulating?

Yes! The Famlee at-home labs will tell you, for the month you took the labs, if you ovulated.

Do I get to meet with an actual telehealth physician?

Yes! We are proud of our unique model, which gives you TWO 30-minute telehealth visits with a board certified medical provider to explain your labs in detail, and what that means for your specific fertility and/or wellness journey. During this call, you will also be prescribed medications (as needed) and recommend physician-level supplements (as needed).

Should I tell my doctor I’m working with Famlee?

Absolutely! We want you to be empowered about your health and not feel like you have anything to hide. Knowledge is power and can help your entire healthcare team serve you better.

Does working with Famlee replace my primary care provider (PCP) or OB-GYN?

No. Our team is focused on helping you learn more about your body during preconception. We want you to tell your PCP and/or OB-GYN that you’re working with us. Your OB-GYN will be your primary care provider during pregnancy, so it is best to keep them in the loop with your process. Some of the labs we do could inform their recommendations to ensure that you’re receiving the best care.

I don’t have a uterus, but I have ovaries. Is Famlee for me?

Yes! Ovarian health is essential for long-term wellness, especially if you’ve had your uterus removed. The uterus and ovaries work as a team, so we want to make sure the ovaries are still working well on their own – for your immediate and long-term health. This is important, even if you plan to have a surrogate or partner carry the pregnancy for you.

I have a family history of infertility. I haven’t started trying to get pregnant yet. Can this help me?

Yes. If infertility runs in your family, the at-home labs, combined with your consultation with our medical provider, can help you determine whether you’ve inherited this vulnerability. For that reason, it’s beneficial to take the labs, even if you’re not ready to start a family. This can empower you to take charge of your future.

I only have one ovary. Is that ok?

That’s no problem at all! That one ovary is currently doing the job of two. Let’s make sure it’s working properly and see how we can support it. Just let your telehealth provider know your unique situation, and they’ll provide a personalized action plan just for you.

Will this tell me if I have PCOS?

Quite likely. The labs we run can often tell us if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome.

I’m having a medical emergency—what do I do?

In an emergency, call 911 for immediate assistance. You can also contact your OB-GYN and/or primary care provider.

I’m having hot flashes and night sweats. Am I entering menopause already?

Your lab results will reveal insights to help us determine what might be causing these symptoms. Rest assured that we’ll work side by side with you to better understand what might be going on.

Will this tell me if I have diabetes?

Yes. We will test your blood sugar and insulin to determine if you might have diabetes or prediabetes.

I have unexplained infertility. Will this help me explain it?

Maybe. We will do our best to explore the underlying cause of your unexplained infertility. We will also share supplement and lifestyle tips to maximize your chances of success. At Famlee, we think outside the box to help you better understand your health and fertility.

Will this tell me if I have POI?

Yes! The labs we run can tell us if you’re showing signs of diminished ovarian reserve, which can lead to premature ovarian insufficiency. We can assess this by testing your AMH levels, which we will send to you if deemed necessary.

Will this tell me if I have hypo/ hyperthyroidism?

Yes! We will do an extensive set of labs to look for hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hyperthyroidism.

Are the cost of medications and supplements included in the Famlee Fertility Kit price?

Because we customize your treatment plan based on your lab results, medications and supplements are not included in the cost of the kit. Some women will not need any, or nearly as many as other women. We will determine whether medications are needed during your telehealth visit with a board-certified medical provider. We find that many women need only one or two medications to support preconception, and for those who are uninsured, these medications typically cost less than $100/month.

As an added benefit, included in your Famlee Fertility Kit a drug discount card that offers you a savings of up to 80% off of medications.

I think I need progesterone medication. Can you help me with that?

Yes! Our company is unique in that we will prescribe you progesterone if it is recommended. We will educate you on your progesterone level, and if it is healthy or deficient. If it is deficient, that means you are not growing an egg that is big enough to get pregnant with. Adding medication to that situation is not advised, as it just covers up an issue, rather than fixing it. We will prescribe medications and supplements to help enhance your own natural progesterone. We will look at your unique situation and give you appropriate medical advice.

I’m having recurrent miscarriages and want to try progesterone to remedy. Can you help me?

Yes! Our solution is unique in that we can prescribe the medications you need to balance your body and prepare for baby. So if we determine during your telehealth visit that progesterone is appropriate to help you accomplish that goal, we’ll prescribe it to you. Studies have shown that if you start taking progesterone a few days after ovulation and continue until the end of the first trimester, it can minimize the risk of a miscarriage. Overall, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of whole-body health, so we provide medical advice and medication recommendations that are personalized to your unique needs.

How long are most people on medications during preconception?

It depends on your unique health needs. Some medications are used solely during the preconception phase, some are used during preconception and the first trimester, and others are used throughout the entire pregnancy into the postpartum period and beyond.

Are there any medications or supplements that I need to stop taking before completing the labs?

Yes. To ensure we get an accurate assessment of your natural hormones, please refrain from taking products that contain progesterone, estrogen or testosterone. If you’re NOT trying to conceive, please don’t stop your prescribed birth-control medications. Be sure to look at your beauty products, as some contain these ingredients. If any of these products have been prescribed by a medical provider, we advise you to check with them first before stopping any medication prior to the test. If you are taking thyroid medication, you can continue this while doing the lab test.

I think I need thyroid medication, can you help me with that?

Yes! We will look at a complete thyroid panel to determine if you need medication. Our company is unique in that we will also prescribe you thyroid if that is recommended.

I have an IUD. Can I still take the Famlee labs?

Yes. An IUD does not stop your ovaries from cycling. We recommend timing your cycle day 2 or 3 labs with any signs of your monthly period (spotting, breast tenderness, PMS, etc.).

I am on a continuous hormonal birth control that is not an IUD. Can I take the Famlee labs?

Unfortunately, no. With that said, you can always set up a telehealth appointment with us to get your body ready for pregnancy, and we can do the labs when you’re ready to cycle again.

I’m taking monthly birth control. Can I take the Famlee labs simultaneously?

If you take sugar pills with that birth control or remove the contraceptive method to have a period, then yes. We advise that you time your labs with day 2 or 3 of your period.

I rarely have a period. Can I still use the Famlee kit?

Unfortunately, no. Please set up an appointment with a local specialist to help you start having regular periods, then reach out to us for testing.

I only have a withdrawal period with progestins/progesterone. Can I still use the Famlee kit?

Yes! A withdrawal period is a period. We advise that you time your labs based on day one of that period.

Can Famlee guarantee pregnancy?

Unfortunately, we can’t promise pregnancy—and you should be wary of any company that does. What we can promise is that we’ll do our absolute best to empower you with the clarity, evidence-based information, and support needed to help clear your path to pregnancy.

What if I get pregnant before I’ve taken the lab test?

Congratulations, we’re so excited and hopeful for you! Many women, especially women who’ve experienced pregnancy loss, often still want to take our labs and review the results with our providers when they’re pregnant. We highly encourage you to conduct a telehealth visit with us so we can give you supportive advice during your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. This will also help you prepare for additional pregnancies (if that’s your goal). Please make sure to inform your OB-GYN and the Famlee medical provider that you are pregnant. We also recommend updating your status on the mobile app. If you decide you don’t want to continue with Famlee and haven’t already submitted your lab specimen to the laboratory, you can cancel your Famlee Fertility Kit purchase by emailing us at

I’m scared about not getting pregnant. Can you help?

Yes. We’ve been on this journey before, and we know it can be a scary process – especially when your desire to have a family runs deep. We are here for you. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that you feel empowered with the clarity, insights and knowledge needed to begin your unique journey toward building a family. That’s a big bonus to our Famlee community which you can join HERE.

I sent off my lab tests but just found out I’m pregnant. What do I do?

Congratulations, we’re so excited and hopeful for you! We highly encourage you to keep your appointment with the Famlee telehealth physician, as they can give you in-depth information about your specific lab profile. This can help you optimize your current and subsequent pregnancies. Remember, your lab profile shows information that will be helpful in pregnancy, such as your thyroid, progesterone and blood sugar levels. Many women, especially women who’ve experienced pregnancy loss, want to know their lab results when they’re pregnant to see if we can help optimize your current pregnancy. Please make sure to inform your OB-GYN and the Famlee telehealth provider of your pregnancy. We also recommend updating your status on the mobile app.

I’m confused about how to use the kit. Can you walk me through the process?

Absolutely! We know the journey to fertility can be confusing, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. A detailed step-by-step tutorial can be found

I want a big family, but I’m getting older. Should I do this test to see if I need IVF to get enough embryos before trying to get pregnant?

Yes. If you want a big family, the Famlee Fertility Kit can help you understand how your ovaries are doing right now. From there, we can determine if we need to “stop the clock” on your embryos to allow you to stretch your pregnancy past the time your eggs would be able to maintain their ideal quality. We can assess this by testing your AMH levels, which we will send to you if deemed necessary.

Will this tell me if I might need IVF or fertility medication?

Yes. Some of the labs can let us know if you have compromised fertility beyond what can be addressed with medications and supplements. We will advise if we believe you will be best-served with a referral while we continue to work with you to optimize your overall health and wellness.

Will this test my egg quality?

Unfortunately, there currently aren’t any labs that can test egg quality. With that said, we will be testing many other hormones that can indirectly affect egg quality. Our board-certified medical providers are knowledgeable in ways to support egg quality with medications, supplements and lifestyle changes.

I have had a failed IVF cycle in the past. Is Famlee a fit for me?

Yes, absolutely. Just because IVF didn’t work for you doesn’t mean you can’t have a family. Let’s look at your labs together (we recommend getting new ones with us if it has been more than three months) and see how we can support you in this process. Our board-certified medical providers specialize in thinking outside the box to help you achieve your dream of starting a family. We can best assess this by testing your AMH levels, which we will send to you if deemed necessary.

I’m currently pursuing IVF. Is Famlee a fit for me?

Yes. We believe it is good to have a diverse team during IVF to help you optimize your chances for pregnancy.

Will this tell me if I might need an egg donor?

Yes. Some of the labs can let us know if you might need an egg or embryo donor for pregnancy. We will advise if we believe you will be best-served with a referral while we continue to work with you on your overall health and wellness. We can best assess this by testing your AMH levels, which we will send to you if deemed necessary.

Is the Famlee Fertility Kit covered by insurance?

The Famlee Fertility Kit is a concierge product that is billed to the consumer, not to an insurer. We encourage you to self-submit the cost of the Famlee Fertility Kit by using the itemized receipt we provide to you via email after your telehealth appointment. This receipt includes all of the necessary billing codes to self-submit to your insurance. In our experience, the labs are covered by insurance over 50% of the time.

Does my FSA/HSA plan cover the Famlee Fertility Kit?

Yes, the Famlee Fertility Kit is FSA/HSA approved! This means you can use your FSA/ HSA credit card at checkout to cover the full cost of the kit. If, for whatever reason, your request is denied, simply email us at After your telehealth appointment, we can provide you with an itemized receipt that you can submit for reimbursement.

Does using the Famlee Fertility Kit replace my health insurance?

No, Famlee cannot take the place of your insurance provider. The Famlee Fertility Kit is a concierge product designed to help support you during your preconception journey.

I’m not sure if I want to have kids (now or ever). Is Famlee right for me?

Absolutely! Famlee is designed to empower you with the clarity, knowledge, and confidence needed to achieve your health and wellness goals. Better understanding your body and any hormonal imbalances is important whether you want to build a family in the future or simply want to ensure long-term health and vitality.

I’m not ready to have kids now, should I wait on completing the Famlee kit until I’m ready for pregnancy?

Because time is of the essence in fertility, we suggest that you not wait to test your hormone levels. Start now. The earlier you know where you stand with your hormones, the more empowered you can be with your options once you’re ready to start planning for a family. In addition, having more time for preconception wellness can lead to a healthy future pregnancy and baby.

Have I missed my fertile years? How much time do I have left to have a family?

The Famlee Fertility Kit can help us figure that out, together. Coupled with your personalized telehealth visit with our medical provider, the kit is a great way to get that question answered. From there, you’re empowered with the insights needed to determine the next step that’s right for you. We can best assess this by testing your AMH levels, which we will send to you if deemed necessary.

I plan to use an egg donor or surrogate. Should I do the Famlee test on myself too?

Absolutely! If you plan to carry a pregnancy, we want to ensure that you’re at your optimal health – for both your benefit and the baby’s.

Do I need to stop nursing to have my next child?

No. As long as you’re having a period, the Famlee Fertility Kit can help you prepare for your next child.

Do you ship to all U.S. states?

Famlee can ship to residents in 49 states though we do not currently offer kits to residents in New York state due to the state’s regulations for testing. Please contact customer service at 866-991-8511 if you live in New York state and would like to order the kit and have your labs taken by a Famlee laboratory testing partner.

I have a family history of premature menopause; can you tell me if I’ve inherited this?

Yes! By including AMH into the labs we run for you, we can tell if you personally have the signs of diminished ovarian reserve that might eventually or currently lead to premature ovarian insufficiency.

I messed up the timing of my labs. Can I redo it?

We’ve got you covered! This is exactly why we’ve given you an extra dried blood spot test form. If you took your tests on the wrong day (e.g., not on day 2 or 3 of your menstrual cycle for the first round of tests) you can use one of the extra blood spot cards to take your tests on day 2 or 3 of your next menstrual cycle, or to retake the test if you incorrectly took the test the first time. If you missed or took your day 21 lab (progesterone) incorrectly, you can re-do it with the extra dried-blood-spot card on day 21 (or 7 days after confirmed ovulation or 7 days before expected menstrual bleed).

If the lab cannot process your lab results correctly, you’ll be contacted and mailed out another lab test kit.

If your mess up extends beyond what we’ve identified here, please contact us at so we can get your replacement kit sent out to you .

Where do my medications come from?

Your telehealth provider will suggest for your convenience that any medications or supplement orders are sent to the Famlee preferred pharmacy partner and mailed directly to you. You always have the option to have your prescriptions filled at any pharmacy you may desire. If you ask your telehealth provider to send your medication and/or supplement orders to a pharmacy that’s not the Famlee preferred pharmacy partner, please know the full functionality on the mobile app related to medications, may be impacted.

How can I contact Famlee?

Because we want you to have answers ASAP, we always suggest going through the MANY detailed how-to and FAQ videos we created HERE.

If you still have questions, you can contact us at:

Phone: 866-991-8511
Mail: P.O. Box 820151 Portland, OR 97282

Does the Famlee process violate my religious beliefs?

We respect the dignity of each person and the gift of fertility. We welcome all People, regardless of faith or culture. Our goal is to empower you with knowledge about your health, so you can make informed decisions about your family building and overall wellness. We will simply be providing suggestions with preconception plan, supplements, medications and lifestyle advice. Your telehealth provider will do their best to align their suggestions with your specific beliefs, when you inform them of this priority. You can also decide which suggestions to implement in your life, based on your specific situation and beliefs.

Can the Famlee Fertility Kit be purchased for a minor?

We do not currently offer our tests to minors.

Do you share my Famlee Fertility Kit Results with my doctor?

We suggest you share your results with your medical provider. We do not automatically share your results with medical providers. We make it easy for you to be able to print your results and share them with your medical provider.

How do I submit a customer service request?

You can easily contact us at for any questions. We are committed to returning your email within 1 business day.

How secure is my data?

Great question—here are the steps we take to ensure your data is safe:

  • We do not host any servers or data ourselves.
  • Data is stored using industry-standard encryption methods.
  • We do not store credit card information. Our Visa card processing vendors are PCI compliant.

Do I have to have a prescription to order the Famlee Fertility Kit?

Famlee works with a physician network to provide front-end ordering of laboratory tests in compliance with state laws.

Who actually orders the at-home labs for me?

A provider from the Famlee independent physician network provides front-end laboratory ordering and reviews results. Famlee works with this national network of board-certified medical providers. These providers authorize, review results, and provide telehealth visits to customers of Famlee. Everyone interested in purchasing the Famlee Fertility Kit, has the ability to speak with a Famlee board-certified, telehealth provider, prior to, and after, purchasing the Famlee Fertility Kit.

If the medical provider identifies that the Famlee Fertility Kit is not appropriate for the consumer, she/he will notify Famlee. A Famlee representative will contact the customer and provide a refund.

If the medical provider determines the Famlee Fertility Kit is appropriate for the customer, he/she will order the tests from the Famlee Fertility Kit. After the customer has sent her samples back to the laboratory, and after the samples have been processed, the consumer will be notified to schedule a telehealth appointment. The physician from the Famlee network will review the results and meet with the customer. If the Famlee Fertility Kit customer does not schedule the telehealth appointment, results will be provided to the Famlee Fertility Kit consumer 7 days after the Famlee independent physician network receives the lab results.

How accurate are my results?

Our laboratory partners are CLIA-certified laboratories. Our laboratories have been validated and tested against serum-based testing conducted at doctor’s offices and clinics. Our laboratories with state and federal laws related to laboratory testing. Our laboratories conduct quality checks and have processes for regular inspections, validation of tests and they conduct internal quality checks.

Why should I trust the laboratory results from Famlee?

The at-home labs offered by Famlee are proven to be just as accurate as the tests you receive at your doctor’s office or local walk-in lab testing company. All our tests have been thoroughly validated against traditional serum-based testing. Our telehealth providers are trained to support women from preconception and beyond.

Additionally, Famlee’s lab partners:

  • Maintain precision and accuracy with rigorous proficiency testing both internally and externally.
  • Are the only specialty hormone laboratory to have qualified for the CDC’s Hormone Standardization Program (HoSt).


Explaining Unexplained Infertility With Famlee Fertility and Mira

Famlee Blood Spot Collection Video

Single Women & LGBTQI+

Common Questions

I’m single. Is Famlee for me?

Yes. Health empowerment is not linked to relationship status! Don’t wait for Mr. or Ms. Right to start your family or wellness journey. Reviewing your hormonal labs can equip you with data-driven insights, clarity and knowledge about how long you can wait for a partner, whether/how to use a sperm donor, whether you should freeze your eggs, etc.

I’m queer (LGBTQI+). Is Famlee for me?

Absolutely! If you have at least one ovary, Famlee can help you achieve your dream of starting a family. We are passionate about helping our LBTQI+ clients build their families and achieve vital hormonal health. Our telehealth providers are trained to help with any step of your process.

I’m in a lesbian relationship. Should we both do the test?

Yes! We believe everyone should be empowered about their health. The labs, combined with discussing your unique situation with our licensed telehealth providers, can also provide guidance on numerous questions related to (but not limited to) reciprocal IVF, who carries the pregnancy first/second, who provides the eggs first/second, using a known or unknown sperm donor, starting at home or in a clinic and more. Let our team know if you want to discuss your results together, and we will make that happen!

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Famlee Fertility Testing Instructions