Digital Fertility Solutions For Employers & Insurers

Digital Fertility Solutions For Employers & Insurers

Empower your team with the benefits they deserve to take charge of their fertility.

The demand for loyal, high-performing employees is at an all-time high. The deciding factor for many women and men? Companies that value—and invest—in the clarity, support, and resources sometimes necessary to help grow their families.

Your Employees Fertility Journey


Over 60% of women say they would choose a company with fertility benefits over one that didn’t.


85% of women say they would be willing to change jobs for a fertility-friendly employer.


Average cost of trying to conceive for a couple is between $60-65,000. Average US household income is $68,000—the math is simple.

  • 1 in 8


1 of 8 of your employees will struggle with fertility issues.

18 States

18 states now require employers to provide fertility benefits. 


Hormone testing and solutions with Famlee are over 9X more cost effective than IVF and other traditional fertility benefits.

The ROI of Employer-Covered Fertility Benefits:

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Increased Loyalty


Being On the Right Side of History

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Improved Productivity

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Strengthened Company Culture

Find out how Famlee can be an invaluable resource for your company.