Who actually orders the at-home labs for me?

A provider from the Famlee independent physician network provides front-end laboratory ordering and reviews results.  Famlee works with this national network of board-certified medical providers.  These providers authorize, review results, and provide telehealth visits to customers of Famlee.  Everyone interested in purchasing the Famlee Fertility Kit, has the ability to speak with a Famlee board-certified, telehealth provider, prior to, and after, purchasing the Famlee Fertility Kit.

If the medical provider identifies that the Famlee Fertility Kit is not appropriate for the consumer, she/he will notify Famlee. A Famlee representative will contact the customer and provide a refund.

If the medical provider determines the Famlee Fertility Kit is appropriate for the customer, he/she will order the tests from the Famlee Fertility Kit. After the customer has sent her samples back to the laboratory, and after the samples have been processed, the consumer will be notified to schedule a telehealth appointment. The physician from the Famlee network will review the results and meet with the customer. If the Famlee Fertility Kit customer does not schedule the telehealth appointment, results will be provided to the Famlee Fertility Kit consumer 7 days after the Famlee independent physician network receives the lab results.